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PENTAIR WATER Specialize in Swimming Pools applications. PENTAIR products vary from Aboveground Systems to Automatic Sanitizers to Cleaners to Controls Drains or Filters to Heaters to Lighting to Maintenance Products, to Pumps, Filters, Replacement Parts, Skimmers, Valves and more... 

Pentair manufactures a complete line of sand filters, diatomaceous earth filters, and cartridge filters for residential and commercial pool installations. 

Pentair filters are engineered to help keep pools clean and crystal clear, with a minimum of maintenance. They're built tough to stand up to pool chemicals, corrosion, and the elements, providing years of trouble-free service.

The pump—the heart of the pool’s circulation system. The right pool pump should circulate all pool water at least once a day. And efficiency is what counts. Greater efficiency means lower utility costs. The key to pump efficiency lies deep in the heart of the pump’s design. The secret is to minimize friction and turbulence between the pump’s inlet and outlet. Less friction means less energy. Less turbulence means less noise. 
Pumps for Residential Pools/Spas or Pumps for Specialty Applications... 
That’s why all Pentair pumps feature a proprietary hydraulic design that’s been refined over 40 years for more efficient flow. In fact, they are so efficient they often deliver the required flow and pressure using smaller horsepower motors—which cost less to run. No wonder more than 2,000,000 Pentair pumps have been selected by pool professionals.


Pentair pool lighting products can enhance both the safety and visual appeal of your nighttime pool environment. We offer a variety of innovative lights and lighting systems designed to bring a new level of underwater and poolside brilliance to both new and existing pools.

More vacuuming power for ultimate cleaning performance, we proudly introduce
KREEPY KRAULY which provides optimum cleaning performance, simplicity, and convenience. It features a turbo-action swivel design and a super-efficient regulator valve for more cleaning power. 

KREEPY KRAULY also features an exclusive starfish seal for use in concrete pools and is also available with a universal seal for all in ground pools. KREEPY KRAULY is absolutely, positively, the best automatic in ground pool cleaner you can buy! Here's why: 
Additional features include:
It's proven. Our patented design and rugged construction have been put to the test in more than 1.5 million pools worldwide. 
Only one moving part for long, dependable service. 
It's automatic. KREEPY KRAULY works when your pool pump works, using your pool's existing filtration system.


Routine pool maintenance will keep your pool looking clean, sparkling, and inviting day after day. The family of Pentair pool maintenance products and accessories may not eliminate the work, but they help cut pool maintenance chores down to size—leaving you more time to enjoy your pool with family and friends. 

Our comprehensive product offering features the most popular pool accessories and maintenance products, including brushes and poles, hand skimmers, leaf rakes and traps, floating chlorine dispensers, chlorine/bromine feeders, thermometers, test kits, pool vacuums, floats, and replacement filter cartridges.

Like all Pentair pool products, our line of accessories and maintenance products is manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure durability, reliability, and 100% satisfaction. Ask your pool builder or pool supply dealer to recommend the maintenance and convenience products you'll want to help keep your pool clean and inviting.