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DAVEY Pumps and Pressure Systems are the most dependable in their field.
Controlled jet pumps and pressure systems (Hydrascan/Dynaflo) come in different
types and vary in features, yet remain in the top rank to supply water pressure and
        Davey manufacture a large range of household pressure systems
capable of supplying from 25 lpm up to a maximum of 94 lpm of
water at pressures up to 40m. The Davey household pressure
systems are TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) motors built to
withstand harsh conditions.

These pumps are ideal for homes with modern applianaces, they
feature the Hydrascan controller exclusive to Davey. It's a fail safe
device that eliminates cycling for strong, even pressure. It monitors
the water flow and will automatically shut off the pump should the water supply become inadequate.
Whether moving water around the home, factory or farm, Davey have a pump to suit your needs. The Davey XF range covers from 0.31kW up to
0.8kW with flow rates from 93 lpm up to 240 lpm.
Built with TEFC and are best used for:

General water transfer
Irrigation systems
Tank to tank transfer
Cooling towers
Spearpoint applications